Information on discount tickets for regular and seasonal use of the Madrid bus, train and metro systems. Also information on passes specifically for tourists visiting Madrid…

Several types of travel pass can be bought to allow discounted access to public transport in Madrid.

Travel Card Coupons

The monthly or yearly Travel Card Coupons (Abono Transportescan be used on all the services provided by the CRT (Consorcio Regional de Transportes): Metro, EMT, Cercanías RENFE and buses in the Community of Madrid and in some areas of Castilla-La Mancha, depending on the zone chosen by the user.

There are eight zones, six in the Community of Madrid and two in Castilla-La Mancha: the card may only be used in valid zones.

Depending on the user’s age, there are four types of cards:

  • Normal (abono normal): 23-64 years
  • Youth (abono joven): until passenger turns 23 years old
  • Senior (abono tercera edad): from 65 years onwards
  • Alcalá University (abono Universidad de Alcalá): valid for travel between Guadalajara and the University and between the University campuses, on RENFE Cercanías and Continental Auto
  • For more information, visit CRTM (in Spanish)

Customer query contacts:

  • Consorcio Regional de Transportes (CRT)
    : Plaza del Descubridor Diego de Ordás 3 1ªPlanta, 28003 Madrid
    Metro station: Río Rosad (line 1)
    EMT: lines 3, 37 and 149
  • Information about Travel Cards
    Tel: 915 804 540 (Monday to Thursday from 08:30-14:00; Friday from 08:00-14:00)
  • To pick up purchased cards:
    : 915 804 723 (Monday to Thursdays from 08:00-15:00; Fridays from 08:00-14:00)
  • For information on timetables and services
    Tel: 012 (Monday to Friday from 08:00-22:00; Saturdays from 10:00-22:00; Sundays and holidays from 10:00-14:00)
  • To check out the fares for Travel Cards, Metro, EMT, RENFE Suburban and Tourist Travel Passes, visit CRTM

Glossary for the CTM Website

Spanish English
Aspectos generales General aspects
Tarjeta Card
Cupón Coupon
Dónde Where
Zonas Zones
Tipo Type
Qué cuesta/Cúanto cuesta How much it is
Preguntas Questions

Tourist Travel Pass

The Tourist Travel Pass (Abono Transportes Turístico) is a personalised transport pass, which entitles its holder to make an unlimited number of trips using the public transport system, operating within a chosen zone.

Zone A covers Madrid city, Zone T is the larger Madrid region.

To use this pass, the traveller must carry a ticket with the valid zone and time period. The ticket must also contain the passenger’s identification number (from their ID card or passport), which is written on it at the time of purchase.

There are five types of Tourist Travel Passes, valid for one, two, three, five and seven days and they are available for both zones, for adults and children.

Zone A tickets can be used on:

  • all Metro lines inside the zone
  • all EMT lines
  • all RENFE and Suburban Train stations inside the zone

Zone T tickets can be used on:

  • all Metro lines
  • all lines of Regular Passenger Public Transport by road
  • all RENFE and Suburban Train lines

Note: Travel passes may not be used on regional trains.

  • Visit the CRTM website to buy a tourist travel pass online, or see a list of shops where it can be purchased
    To see fares, scroll to end of the page and click on the “Tourist Travel Pass” fares link

Further Information

  • The Comunidad de Madrid website has a section on transportation. It gives details about travelling by metro, bus, suburban rail and suburban buses, including fees and passes.
    Tel: 012 and 915 804 260