Support groups and helplines for drug aid, cancer support meetings, AIDS support, help for the elderly and more…

Below is information on the various support organisations and helplines in Madrid, including:

Note: There is no guarantee that English will be spoken

Spanish Red Cross (Cruz Roja)

The Spanish Red Cross provides help for drug addicts, people affected by HIV, immigrants and the elderly. It runs assistance centres for drug addicts and their families. These centres offer emergency help and psychological assistance, meeting places and shelters, social integration classes, assistance in finding accommodation, treatment for drug addiction, recreational centres and mobile methadone units. Helping minors is a special priority.

  • Spanish Red Cross (in Spanish)
    At: Avenida Dr. Federico Rubio y Gali 3, 28039 Madrid
    Tel: 902 222 292

Drug Abuse

FERMAD (Federación Madrileña de Asociaciones para la Asistencia al Drogodependiente y su Familia) is a Madrid-based association which helps drug addicts and their families. It campaigns to increase awareness of drug problems and works to rehabilitate and reintegrate drug addicts.

    : C/ Conde de Romanones 9 4º Dcha, 28012 Madrid
    Tel: 913 694 448
    Fax: 913 694 736

The Portal de Salud de la Comunidad de Madrid provides details of centres for drug addicts and other health facilities.


Apoyo Positivo provides psychological support, home assistance and day centres for people with HIV and AIDS in Madrid.

  • Apoyo Positivo: Fuencarral district (in Spanish)
    At: Avenida Llano Castellano s/n, 28034 Madrid
    Tel: 913 581 444
    Apoyo Positivo: Villaverde district
    : C/ Alcocer 5A, 1-B, 28041 Madrid
    Tel: 917 987 683

Cancer Support

The Spanish Cancer Association (Asociación Española Contra el CáncerAECC) offers information and support to people with cancer. There are 52 regional branches across Spain including one in Madrid.

ASION (Asociación Infantil Oncológica de la Comunidad de Madrid) is a local public utility organisation associated with the Spanish Federation of Parents of Children with Cancer (Federación Española de Padres de Niños con Cáncer). It provides emotional support, advice and information to parents and children affected by cancer. They also offer socio-economic assistance.

  • ASION (in Spanish)
    At: C/ Reyes Magos 10 bajo, 28009 Madrid
    Tel: 915 040 998

Victim Support

The Movimiento contra la Intolerancia organisation promotes solidarity, tolerance and human rights. It discourages all forms of intolerance, racism and violence.

There is a helpline (teléfono de la victima) for victims of violence or crime.

Family Planning and Sexual Health

The Spanish Contraception Society (Fundación Española de ContracepciónSEC) offers advice on contraception and sexual health. It also provides family planning clinic contact information.

  • SEC
    : C/ Diego de Leon 27, 38006 Madrid
    Tel: 902 195 545
    For a list of facilities in Madrid: Click here (in Spanish)

Mental Health and Emotional Support

Samaritans in Spain is a volunteer organisation offering emotional support in English to people throughout Spain who are in distress or have suicidal feelings. All calls are confidential and numbers are not traced. elephone support is available 24/7

There are numerous mental health clinics (centro de salud mental) around Madrid.

Women’s Support Groups

The Federation of Progressive Women (Federación de Mujeres Progresistas) promotes women’s rights and social equality. There are two branches in Madrid.

They provide a helpline for female victims of violence.

Children’s Support Groups

There is a helpline (Teléfono Del Menor Anar) and a number of reception centre for minors in Madrid.

  • Fundación ANAR (in Spanish)
    At: Avenida De America 24 2° plta 1° derecha, 28028 Madrid
    Tel: 917 262 700

Support for the Elderly

Run by volunteers, Friends of the Elderly (Amigos de los Mayores) offer home support and companionship to elderly people on their own.

Newcomers’ Groups

There are several newcomers groups in Madrid:

  • The American Club of Madrid is a non-profit association organising social events and monthly luncheons. Other groups for newcomers include Amigos de Sudafrica (Friends of South Africa Club) which meets regularly, the Madrid Toastmasters and the Newcomers Club
  • Eurocircle Madrid is a social group that promotes events
  • American Women’s Club of MadridTel: 914 571 108

Speech and language

Native and non-native speakers of English are welcome to join the Madrid Toastmasters, a group that meets to practice public speaking in English:

  • Madrid Toastmasters
    : 639 207 366
  • For language exchange evenings, open to all (Spanish and people from all over the world) contact: email

Foreign students