A guide to useful Spanish words, terms and phrases relating to buying or renting a house or apartment in Spain…

A guide to useful words, terms and phrases in Spanish relating to buying or renting a house or apartment in Spain. The words you need when reading the classified or property advertisements. Words and terms are listed alphabetically in Spanish.

Spanish English
A estrenar brand new
Adosado/Pareado semi-detached
Aire acondicionado air conditioning
Amueblado furnished
Antiguo/a old or antique
Aparcamiento parking/car park
Apartamento/piso amueblado furnished apartment or flat
Apartamento/piso duplex duplex apartment or flat
Apartamento/piso en alquiler apartment or flat for rent
Armario cupboard/wardrobe/closet
Armario empotrados fitted/built-in wardrobe
Ascensor lift or elevator
Ático penthouse or top floor apartment with terrace
Azulejos tiles
Balcón balcony
Bañera bath
Baño/cuarto de baño bathroom
Barrio neighbourhood
Bien situado/comunicado good location
Buen estado good condition
Calefacción general Single boiler heats a building; occupants cannot control when it is turned on or off. Cost is divided between them.
Calefacción individual House with its own boiler; the occupant can control the heat as desired and pays for individual use.
Calle mayor main street
Casa house
Casa de época old house/period home
Casa rural rural house
Casa urbana urban property
Caserio country house
Césped lawn
Chalet detached house/villa
Cocina kitchen
Comedor dining room
Corrala tenement apartments that look on to an interior courtyard
Cortijo country estate/country house/farmhouse
Cuarto room
Cuarto de baño bathroom
Dormitorio bedroom
Ducha shower
Estufa cooker
Garaje garage
Independiente detached
Jardín garden
Luminoso bright
Lujo luxury
Mediodia orientación south-facing or orientation
Trastero storage room
Vista view