Find out what to expect from the Spanish healthcare system if you are pregnant in Spain…

Before conception, or in the early stages of pregnancy, it is recommended to explore the options available and consider the following:

  • Where to receive care during pregnancy
  • Where to deliver the baby
  • Where to get post natal care
  • Entitlements available under the social health care system
  • The coverage available from private health care

There are both state-owned social security hospitals and private clinics in all areas of Spain. Those not entitled to social health care have the option of private care. The choice of private care may be influenced by available insurance cover and the cost of individual services. A mother wanting to give birth at a private clinic should have private insurance in place for at least six to twelve months before becoming pregnant or it may be difficult to find an insurer. It is also important to check that the newborn baby will also be covered by the insurance policy.

Most regions of Spain provide translation services in the hospitals and clinics.

With contributions by Dawn Blythe S.R.N. R.M. (UK), a British trained midwife who has worked with expatriate communities worldwide. Currently with The English Medical Clinic, Albir Tel: 966 868 013