Find out about the maternity and paternity leave entitlements and childcare and childbirth benefits in Spain…

Statutory Maternity Leave

Statutory maternity leave in Spain is currently 16 weeks’ paid leave from work, of which six weeks must be taken after the birth. To qualify for this, the woman must have been registered with the social security office and made contributions for at least 180 days during the seven years before the birth of the child, or alternatively 360 days throughout their working life. The mother also has the right to take one year unpaid leave after the maternity leave. It is possible to take up to three years unpaid leave and return to the same employer, but after one year the employer is not obliged to offer the mother her previous role.

Breastfeeding mothers are also entitled to take up to one hour a day off, which can be divided into two half hours, until the baby is nine months old.

Fathers are entitled to 15 days’ paternity leave (depending on their job). In 2015 this will increase to 30 days. If there are complications for either the baby or the mother, the father is entitled to a longer period of leave.

Further Information

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