Find out which organisations, utility and service providers and other companies to contact when moving house in Spain…

Moving house always requires planning and preparation, but there are some specifics to remember when moving around in Spain, whether you’re relocating to another province, a different “Town Hall” or just around the corner.

The government online service Comunicacion de cambio de domicilio provides help with the administrative aspects of a house move.

DNI Spanish identity Document or NIE Foreigners Identity Document

Spanish citizens with a DNI (Documento Nacional de Identidad) and foreigners with an NIE (Número de Identificación de Extranjero) must change the address on the documentation when moving house. This document can be used as proof of new address and identity when registering for utilities and services.

Rental Contracts

The owner or agent of rental accommodation will need to be given notice according to the terms of their rental contract (normally one to three months). The notice letter should be sent by registered post (certificado).


Notify the local electricity company to establish a new contract or move the existing one to the new property. To cancel an existing contract it is necessary to write a letter to the supplying company asking them to stop the service and attach a copy of the account holder’s passport or NIE number.

For a new electricity contract the following is also required:

  • A copy of the last electricity bill pertaining the property
  • Passport or NIE number
  • If renting, details of the rental contract, or details from the title deeds of an owned property
  • Bank account details in order to set up payment of the bi-monthly bills on standing order

Note: Some electricity suppliers allow change of address through their website.


A Movistar telephone line can be transferred from one address to another for less cost than a new line. If a new address falls into the same area, the telephone number can also be transferred.

To transfer a telephone line, contact the local Movistar branch or apply online (in Spanish).


Contact the water supply company to cancel the existing contract. Attach a copy of the passport identity page or NIE number. The Town Hall in the new district will be able to advise as to the local water suppliers and their contact details.

The following documents are required to open a new account along with payment:

  • Photocopy of passport or NIE number


If a contract is held with a gas company, notify the supplying company to stop the service and attach a photocopy of the account holder’s passport or NIE number.

If the new property is supplied with mains gas, contact the local gas supplier to have the gas switched on, the meter read and to arrange a supply contract.


The Spanish Post Office, Correos, offer a service to forward all mail to a new address. Arrangements should be made at least one week before the move. This service can last for one, two or six months. By subscribing to this service the post office will provide 20 pre-paid for notifying contacts of the change of address. There is a fee for the service.


Notify insurance companies of the change of address. Home insurance can be transferred to a new property, but if the new home is a dramatically different size, it may be necessary to have the property re-assessed.

Motor Registration and Driving Licence

Holders of a Spanish driving licence or those with a vehicle registered in their name remaining in the same province after a move should return their licence and registration document (permiso de circulación) to the traffic office (Jefatura Provincial or Local de Tráfico) so that the address can be changed.

People moving to a new province need to inform both the current and new province of the address change.

Social Security

Those receiving pensions and benefits from the INSS should inform it of the change of address. It may be necessary to re-register if joining a new administrative region.

Registering on the Electoral Roll

When moving to a new address within the same administrative region, it is important to inform the Padrón Municipal of the change of details. If the move is to a new administrative area then register with the local Padrón Municipal, who will usually inform the previous registration office of the change so that they may update their records.

To prove the new address the resident will normally need to present identification (NIE or passport) and proof of address (a rental contract or similar).

Remember to Contact

  • the Town Hall in the current place of residence and the Town Hall in the new municipality
  • banks where accounts are held
  • doctors/dentists in order to have health records transferred to the new doctors
  • schools in order to obtain copies of school records and other relevant documents