Information about the local and international English language print and broadcast media that is available in Madrid…

There are many options for those seeking English-speaking radio channels, as well as print publications, when living in Madrid.


Spanish radio stations with some English language broadcasting

Radio 80 (89 FM): broadcasts news in English Monday to Saturday from 07:00-08:00. An English language programme, called Buenos Días, gives hints for visitors Monday to Friday from 06:00 to 08:00 on 657 MegaHertz.

Madrid Live (100.4 FM): broadcast Tuesdays at 18:30 and repeated on Wednesdays at 09:30. Programming focuses on the arts, entertainment and social scene in Madrid and features exclusive interviews with celebrities, in English. Madrid Live is broadcast on Radio Círculo, a culture radio station located in the Círculo de Bellas Artes centre.

Radio Exterior de Espana is available in English and other languages on (see the Foreign Language section on the left-hand side of the page and select a language)

The first half-hour of Radio Exterior’s weekday broadcasts deals with Spanish and international news, with particular emphasis on the areas to which the broadcast is directed (in this case, Europe).

The second half features Spanish pop music, a review of the Spanish press and the day’s general interest programme, including “Radio Waves”; Euro-American “Chronicles”, focusing on Spain’s relations with the EU and the US; “Entemeses”, specialised in food and travel; “Africa Today” and the mailbag program “Radio Club”.

The weekday broadcasts include “Visitors’ Book”, which concentrates on foreign personalities who have been in Spain recently; “Window on Spain”,  highlighting the cultural scene; more news about Spain and rebroadcasts of weekday programs which the listeners might have missed.

Print Publications


  • The weekly Madrid newspaper Guidepost, founded in 1958, is aimed principally at the American Community in Madrid.
    • Guidepost
      : 915 480 107
      Fax: 915 426 046
  • The Broadsheet (TBS), founded in Madrid in 1983, is a monthly newspaper dealing with art, music, people and more, covering all Spain
  • El País is a The Spanish newspaper with an English PDF edition, available only to subscribers. It is published in association with the International Herald Tribune
    • For online subscription information: Click here (in Spanish)


  • InMadrid: free monthly magazine with information on culture, entertainment, medical issues in Spain and more
  • Go and Connect Madrid: free magazine in English (also available on the Internet)
  • What’s On in Madrid: a free monthly magazine in English, distributed in Plaza Mayor, Madrid
  • The Hot English Magazine: mostly used by students of the English language, is 50 pages long and features colloquial vocabulary, real dialogue, idioms, songs and Hollywood-related articles. It is available at many bookshops and news kiosks across Madrid. Subscribers can get reports, email newsletters, and information about websites and products to help them live abroad

Spanish news in English (online only)

  • El País Internacional provides information in English and Spanish about subjects such as economics and finance, leisure and entertainment and more. The El País Internacional website also offers the Independent News Service, a Monday to Sunday news service with information on business, comment, opinion, foreign affairs, science and technology, sports and UK news. The information is sourced from The Independentand The Independent on Sunday newspapers and delivered through the web. A password and login are necessary to read the news
  • Madrid News: provides online international news in English, dealing with politics, general subjects, sports, business, entertainment, society, languages and science
  • Typically Spanish: news from Madrid and the rest of Spain