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Formal Name Kingdom of Spain, Reino de España
Capital Madrid
Main Cities Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Zaragoza
Official Language Spanish
Currency Euro (€). 1 Euro = 100 cents
Dialling Code +34
Emergency numbers 112
Time Zone CET (UTC + 1)
Daylight Savings Time Last Sunday in March (clocks go forward by an hour) through to the last Sunday in October (clocks go back by an hour).
Units of Measure Metric System
Electricity 220-240V
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Population 46,030,109
Expat Population 5.6 million (Ray Clancy, Feb 16, 2010)
Climate Continental, Maritime and Mediterranean
Land Surface 195,364 Km2
Spanish flag


Useful Web References

  • Spanish Government Public Services website: 060es
  • The official Spanish Tourism website: Spain Info
  • The CIA World Factbook publishes extensive details: CIA World Factbook Spain
  • The official European Union website with comprehensive information on living in the European Union (EU): EUROPA