Information on working for a Spanish employer including what to expect in a job contract and the type of contract available…

Employment in Spain is complex, with job terms being categorised using different sets of regulations known as Convenio Colectivo. These are published by the Work Ministry of each community and regulate factors such as legal salary range, working hours per week and holiday allowance.

Contained within the employment contract and in accordance with the Convenio Colectivo are the worker’s rights. Employment is highly regulated in Spain and contracts are an essential part of maintaining these rights.

Basic contracts will typically contain information and terms of employment such as:

  • Job title
  • Salary
  • Fringe benefits
  • Working hours: typically a 40 hour working week, often split into two sessions with a two or three hour afternoon break
  • Overtime: this should not exceed 80 hours per year but to be paid at an agreed rate or time off in-lieu as per a prior agreement.
  • Holiday/Vacation entitlements: A minimum of 2.5 days per month excluding bank holidays

Minimum wage

A minimum wage is set by the government, known as the interprofessional minimum salary (salario mínimo interprofesional – SMI). It is illegal to hire a worker for less than the minimum wage.

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