hone numbers for the national emergency services: fire, police and ambulance. Contact details for drug help, crisis lines, emergency medical help, plus on-duty pharmacists…

Service Telephone
Medical Service (Ambulancia) Tel: 061
National Police (Policía Nacional) Tel: 091
Local Police (Policía Municipal) Tel: 092
Fire Service (Bomberos) Tel: 080
Sea Rescue (Salvamento y segurida maritima) Tel: 900 202 202

Tel: 112

European Emergency Number Association: calls to 112 are free from any phone (mobile or cellular of fixed-line).

  • Information on the 112 number from the European Commission website

Medical Emergencies

In case of a medical emergency go directly to a hospital, where emergency services are generally available. A social security health card (TSI), a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) for an EU resident visiting Spain, or proof of private insurance should be presented at the hospital.

Note: The EHIC card gives the right to free emergency treatment for residents of EU/EEA countries in state hospitals or clinics only. Treatments not qualifying as an emergency are not free. Bilateral agreements exist with some countries such as Peru, Paraguay, Ecuador, Chile, Brazil and Andorra. Citizens from these countries may benefit from free medical treatment in cases of medical emergencies or accidents. Citizens of other countries should have private medical insurance when travelling to Spain.

Crisis and Help Lines

Service Telephone
Crisis Lines Tel: 966 421 434
Drugs Tel: 915 620 420
HIV/AIDS Tel: 902 424 424
Child Abuse Tel: 917 262 700
Women Abuse Tel: 900 100 009
Suicide/Crisis Line Tel: 966 421 434
Red Cross Tel: 963 677 375
Anti-Poison Tel: 915 620 420
Emergency Doctor and Hospitals Tel: 112
Emergency Dentists Tel: 961 496 199
Emergency Vet Tel: 963 744 731
Pharmacy/Chemist On Duty Tel: 963 600 313
English-language Costa Blanca-based helpline provides free, confidential emotional support. Takes calls from English speakers anywhere in Spain and provides a full 24 hours a day service all year round.
Tel: 900 525 100
Helpline for Women in Violent Situations Tel: 900 580 888
Helpline for the Elderly
(Telefono Dorado de Atención a la Tercera Edad)
Tel: 900 222 223
24-hour Information and Helpline for Women
(Telefono de Información y Denuncias)
Tel: 900 191 010
24-hour Social Help Centre Tel: 900 703 030
Minors’ Helpline Website(in Spanish)

Glossary of Emergency Terms and Phrases

English Spanish
Accident Accidente
Emergency Emergencia/Urgencia
I need an ambulance Necesito una ambulancia
I need a doctor Necesito un médico
I need the police Necesito la policia
Heart attack Ataque cardiaco/Infarto
Strokes El accidente vascular cerebral
Very sick Muy mal
Ambulance Ambulancia
Emergency services Servicios de urgencia
Doctor Médico
Fire Service/Brigade Bomberos
Medical centres Centros médicos
Pharmacy Farmacia
Samaritans Teléfono de la Esperanza
Serious illness Enfermedad grave

Understanding the Police Services

National Police (Policía Nacional): cover mainly urban areas across Spain. Their duties include dealing with terrorism, national security, protecting national and international dignitaries and combatting crime with a national impact (spread across different regions).

Civil Guard (Guardia Civil): is a military force that operates mainly in rural areas and is responsible for dealing with robberies, drug offences, murders and fatal traffic accidents.

Local Police (Policía Municipal): cover towns and cities. In general they deal with traffic control and offences, lost property and crimes such as muggings and neighbourhood disputes.


Pharmacies (farmacias) are generally open from Monday to Friday from 09:30 to 14:00 and 17:00 to 21:30, and Saturday 09:30 to 14:00. Information about pharmacies open 24 hours a day (Farmacia de guardia) can normally be found on the window or doors of any pharmacy.

  • To find a local farmacia de guardia