A simple guide to the documentation required by EU citizens moving for work or study, or retiring to another EU member state…

Since May 2010, changed rules governing European social security law have meant the abolition of E-forms in favour of a new, more simplified system. Some national authorities are still using E-forms despite the transitional period being long over.

Citizens of EU countries travelling to or living, working or retiring in another EU country have the same rights as the citizens of that country. However, in order to ensure access to those rights it may be necessary to provide documentation.

In certain circumstances (for example when being hired for a job or registering as a student or pensioner) you may be asked to fill in a form with the relevant reference number required for the request.  This form is  obtained from the EU country of previous residence and submitted to the new EU country of residence. Here is a simple guide to these forms and the subjects they relate to.

The European Union Forms

  • S1: access to healthcare (formerly E 106E 109, E 120 and E 121)
  • S2: planned health treatment in another member state (formerly E 112)
  • S3; access to healthcare in former country of employment
  • A1; used to prove social security payments when working in another country or countries at the same time.
  • E 104: aggregation of periods of insurance in the Member States if a paying-in period is required for entitlement
  • E 119: entitlement to necessary health care and benefits in kind for unemployed persons looking for employment in another Member State
  • E 128: entitlement to necessary benefits in kind for posted workers and self-employed persons, members of their families and students

Discontinued forms

  • E 101 and  E 103; used to prove social security payments, Replaced by form A1
  • E 106: registration in the country of residence. Replaced by form S1
  • E 109: certificate for the enrolment of family members who live in a Member State other than that where the employed or self-employed person resides. Replaced by form S1
  • E 111: emergency benefits during a temporary stay (as regards pensioners and the members of their family: necessary benefits)

Note: From 1 June 2004 the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) replaced the E 111 form.


  • E 121: entitlement to public health care for pensioners or those receiving long-term incapacity benefit. Replaced by form S1


For more information on other EU forms such as U1, U2, U2, DA1 and P1 please visit the Europa website