How to select a bank that best suits you in Spain, with a list of Spanish banks…

It is quite usual to find that the products offered by banks, and in particular the tariffs they apply, vary significantly.

When choosing a bank, take the following into consideration:

  • Location: the closest branch may not necessarily be most suitable. For example, the closest branch may not have English-speaking staff or ATM service, while these services may be available at a branch in the next town. In some small villages branches have extremely limited opening hours
  • Distribution: it can be beneficial to choose a bank with a strong presence in Spain as most banks charge a commission for using ATMs that are not a part of their ATM network; choosing a small regional bank with only a few local branches may make immediate access to banked money an expensive exercise. Some local banks may also opt out of pan-European international payment initiatives, meaning that international transfers would be more expensive to process
  • English-speaking staff: while some banks have English-speaking staff there is no guarantee this will be the case. Dedicated English-speakers usually work in wealth management rather than at the teller’s counter
  • Telephone/Internet banking: almost all banks in Spain now provide these services; some also provide them in English. There are a few that offer Internet-only banking services, although these are only available to Spanish residents
  • Statements and other documentation: While some banks may occasionally offer the option of receiving bank statements and other related paperwork in English, only Spanish-language documents are legally binding
  • Free services: some banks will charge a fee for services such as banker’s cheques and transfers, whereas others will not

Well-known Banks in Spain

Banks (bancos) in Spain include the following. Most provide website services and information in English: